Part 5 Free Family History DVD | The Final Cut

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In Part 5, the final video in our series on How To Create A Free Family History DVD, it’s time to view the final cut.

The look on most faces when you talk about your families’ history? – Bored
The look on people’s faces when you hand them or play your own family history DVD? – Priceless
The smile Grandma would get playing your family history DVD to her friends, showing off her good or bad ancestors?  – Priceless
The cost? Nothing


The methods I have used to create my free family history DVD are pretty basic, but the possibilities are endless. I highly recommend playing around with the different settings and options of each program used, as some of the effects can really make your free family history DVD, all that more professional.

Here’s a quick review of how to create your own family history DVD:

Part 1: Using Impress to create a free slideshow.

Part 2: Turn your slideshow into a video using free screen recording software. Add voice narration to your recording.

Part 3: How to edit your video files using free editing video software. Edit movies, fix errors in your slideshow, add music or even add voice overs.

Part 4: Looked at how to burn your video files to DVD, capable of playing on a standard DVD player.

You can view all the video tutorials here.

Hope you enjoyed our series on How To Create A Free Family History DVD.


Part 4 DVD Flick | Burn Video Files To DVD

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In Part 4 of How To Create A Family History DVD, I look at burning your video files to a DVD, capable of playing on a standard DVD player.

Now that we have our slideshow recorded and saved as video files, we need to join them up and convert them to a format a DVD player can read. For this I use a free DVD authoring tool called DVD Flick.

DVD Flick is a free, open-source DVD authoring program that can convert and write almost any video file into a DVD. DVD Flick is designed especially for converting most of your PC video formats to the standard DVD format, so that you can play them on your home DVD player without any problems.


When users want to view video files on their television instead of their computer they can convert the video files and burn them directly onto a DVD. There are many ways to burn video files to DVD, but DVD Flick has to be one of the easiest. It also has a range of other features to make your DVD more professional.

As mentioned in the video here are the links:

Menu Templates

Create Your Own Menu Video

Hope you enjoyed today’s video on DVD Flick and welcome any comments.

Part 3 Using Free Video Editing Software | Create and Edit Movies

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In Part 3 of How To Create A Family History DVD, I look at how to use free video editing software to edit the video recording of our slideshow presentation.

The video editing software program I use is Windows Movie Maker 2. With Movie Maker you can edit movies, fix errors in your slideshow and add music using free video editing software.


If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of creating a slideshow presentation, Movie Maker also allows us to create a video using just photos or images, where we can add voice-overs or music to create a high quality movie, which we look at the end of today’s video.

Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing program which comes with most new PCs but you can download Movie Maker 2.1 for XP here if needed.

Hope you enjoyed this how to use free video editing software video and welcome any comments.


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