Create A Free Family Family History DVD

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Last week, I got a call from a friend wondering if I knew of a way to create a family history DVD, using the collection of documents, images and photographs he had collected over the last few years.

After 5 minutes of further chatting, I then heard one of the sentences I hate the most, “oh and one more thing”. After I paused for effect, he then went on to ask “can it be done for free and is there a chance we could create a family history DVD by Mothers Day? (that’s actually two things, but what’s another favor between friends as they say)

Always up for a challenge I told him to come on over and we’ll see what we could come up with. Then it hit me, Houston we have a problem, what do I know about creating a family history DVD? About the only thing I have in common with Steven Speilberg is the same first name.

Anyway, three days later, we finally finished what we thought was a fairly decent family history DVD and amazingly it was totally free (except for all the hours I put in lol). And funny enough it was fairly easy in the end and I thought I would pass on these methods in a series of videos.

Imagine the pleasure your family might get when you turn up to your next family gathering or family reunion with your very own family history DVD.

Imagine, instead of what some might think as a long boring ramble on your family history, you could play an exciting DVD or hand them a professional looking ebook.

Imagine there’s no… (sorry got carried away a bit then)

Hopefully with the release of our how to create a free family history DVD video tutorials, genealogists will now get even more pleasure from their long, long, long……sometimes endless family history search.

If you miss a tutorial blog post, don’t worry, once each video is completed, you will be able to find all the links on our video tutorials page.

Even if you are into other niches like say internet or affiliate marketing, these videos on how to create a free family history DVD might come in handy, as you can apply the same techniques and create your own how to videos or ebooks.

So if you would like to create your own family history DVD stay tuned. For our first video tutorial, we look at just one way to create a free slideshow presentation.


Genealogy Blogs and The Ancestor Approved Award

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ancestor approved I was reading a interesting post recently over at The Armchair Genealogist about the Ancestor Approved Award and thought it was a great idea and would try my own Top 10.

The Ancestor Approved Award asks that the recipient list ten things they have learned about any of their ancestors that has surprised, humbled, or enlightened them and pass the award along to ten other bloggers who they feel are doing their ancestors proud.

As this is a new genealogy blog and in no way deserving of such an award, instead of passing this award on to ten other genealogy bloggers, The Armchair Genealogist is changing things a little. Lynn wants to hear from new genealogy bloggers who feel they have learned something from their ancestors and are eager to share how they have been surprised, humbled or enlightened by their ancestors during their genealogy research.

My Top 10 so far:

1. I am humbled by my ancestors who fought for Australia during WW1 and WW2.

2. I was surprised that you could find out so much about your ancestors for free online.

3. I was surprised my Dad’s ancestors were Irish and I was able to trace it back to 1765 so


4. I was surprised by the amount of children my ancestors had. A lot of the families had between 6 and 11 children in what seemed like tough times.

5. I was surprised that there are many weird links from my ancestors to my own life and hobbies. I was a metal worker and my mother’s grandfather was a boiler maker (similar job only boiler makers use thicker metal). I read a lot of true war stories and military intelligence novels and my mother’s father was a leading coder in the Australian Navy for 20 years including during WW2. I also like reading about escape stories and on my father’s side, my great great grandmother’s father was a Australian convict who apparently liked to escape. Told you it was weird.

6. I am thrilled to know I have Australian convict ancestors. To many Australians, this is Australian royalty.

7. I am enlightened to know that even having been convicts, my great great great grandparents ended up doing all right and passed on a religious background to their daughter.

8. I am humbled by the causes of death of many of my ancestors by diseases that are so commonly
treatable now.

9. I am enlightened by the attitude of my great great grandfather Thomas Laughton. After losing three young children to respiratory failure and even being investigated, they moved from Melbourne to Lakes Entrance, Victoria,  where he open the first hotel in the district.

10. I am humbled by all the help I have received from the genealogy community and genealogy forums when I first started researching my family tree.

Free Family Tree Maker

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When I first started compiling my family tree, it was the old way, with pen and paper. While this might be a good way to begin, after a while I needed to use a family tree maker program to create a GED file. I could then upload the GED file to genealogy sites like or RootsWeb for all the world to see and hopefully get in touch with unknown relatives.

Being the old scrooge that I am, it not only had to be easy to use, it also had to be a free family tree maker. After trying a number of free family tree maker downloads, I could not decide on a winner, so I use two different free family tree maker programs.

Free Family Tree Maker Starter Edition The Family Tree Maker Starter Edition has limited features, but it has everything to help you create a GED file for you to upload. This was the easiest free family tree maker to use.

MyHeritage Family Tree Builder A bit more advanced but some of the free features really blew me away. Creates great PDF books, reports and charts.

Other free family tree makers available are Legacy 7.4 Family Tree and Gramps.

Another nice free program I came across was UncleGED. This is a free GEDCOM-to-HTML conversion tool that will allow you create web pages to show off the family history data that you have collected and exported to GEDCOM files.

You can see a example of UncleGED pages here

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