New South Wales Police Gazettes, 1854-1930

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This should be fun! World Archives Project has just released another Australian keying project, the New South Wales Police Gazettes 1854 to 1930.

The Police Gazettes are a means of communication between the members of the police force and contain information about wanted and apprehended criminals, as well as crimes committed and missing persons. Other information pertains to promotions, and appointments within the police force.

Have ever been curious about how police departments communicate, how perpetrators are described, or what a lot of stolen horses look like?

After downloading one set of images for keying, here is a couple of interesting stories I found from the NSW Police Gazette 1856.

£160 Reward – We the undersigned squatters in the vicinity, hereby agree to pay , in addition to the reward already offered for the conviction of the murderer or murderers…

Now where do squatters get the money to help pay a reward? Oh that’s right they don’t pay rent! But at least they have a good heart.

A hotel (pub) was broken into and stolen was: between 30 and 40 gallons of brandy, an American bucket painted blue, a 3 gallon keg, and a monkey on a chain.

This one should be easy to solve, just look for a very drunk person with a blue American bucket on his head and a monkey rolling on a keg. Or maybe it was the monkey?

Like I said, this should be fun.


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