Funny Family Seach Finds

March 29, 2010 · Filed Under Genealogy Fun 


Genealogy and the search for one’s history or ancestors can sometimes be a difficult task, it also can be a whole lot of fun. Not only do we find out a lot of interesting and surprising facts about our ancestors, but every now and then we come across some funny facts.

Therefore, I thought I would include some funny family search stories that will hopefully make you smile. For example, just recently while looking for some information on one of my Australian convict ancestors, I came across a fuuny 1832 newspaper Police Incidents column in the  Australian Sydney Morning Hearld.

I know times where a little bit different back in Australia in 1832, but when I saw the charges and the sentences, I couldn’t help but have a little laugh. Imagine coming across these records in a family search:

Sarah Jackson was charged with being picked up, executing curves with the greatest exactness in George Street. Sentence – one month 3rd class.

Henry Brothers, for being found singing in the market place what he called terrible, and telling the constable he didn’t care that, snapping his fingers, for Captain Rossiter. Sentence – was sent to meditate among the cells for three days. (We should bring back this bad singing law)

Ann Walker, for dipping her master’s head in a bucket of water, and then marching off, singing
” If I had a beau for a soldier who’d go, Do you think I’d refuse him, oh no, no, no.”

Bench – What have you to say for this strange conduct?
Ann.- That I have a little overstepped the modesty of nature I do not deny” but e’en my failings lean to virtue’s side.”
The Bench doubted this, and sent her to Cordonite for a month.

This one is my favourite:
John Stanbury was charged with being found steering through the streets confoundedly crank, at an early hour in the morning. The only defence Jack offered was, that he had his grog on board, but he did not mind handing out a shot to assist the poor, which he accordingly did, and was discharged.

Good on ya Jack.



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