Nicholas Brifoteaux LAUGHTON, son of Nicholas LAUGHTON and Lydia MORAN , was born 1829 in Dublin, Ireland. He married Amelia Elizabeth JENNINGS 05 November 1856 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He died 1896 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Amelia Elizabeth JENNINGS was born 06 September 1836 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. She died 1876 in NSW, Australia.

Children of Nicholas Brifoteaux LAUGHTON and Amelia Elizabeth JENNINGS are:
1. Lydia Maria LAUGHTON, b. 1858
2. Nicholas Thomas LAUGHTON, b. 1859
3. Louisa Alicia Minerva LAUGHTON, b. 1861
4. Marion Frances LAUGHTON, b. 1864
5. Nicholas Thomas LAUGHTON, b. 1865
6. John Eggleston LAUGHTON, b. 1866
7. Amelia Elizabeth LAUGHTON, b. 1868
8. George Nicholas LAUGHTON, b. 1870
9. William Frederick LAUGHTON, b. 1875

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