Henry William SEABROOK, son of Harry SEABROOK and Harriet SMITH , was born abt. 1805 in Suffolk, England. He married Sarah WHITE abt. 1828 in Southwark, Surrey, England. He died 09 July 1883 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Sarah WHITE was born abt. 1805 in Norfolk, England.

Children of Henry William SEABROOK and Sarah WHITE are:
1. George Smith SEABROOK, b. 1838 See George Smith SEABROOK & Margaret REID
2. Sarah Caroline SEABROOK, b. 26 February 1832 See Peter Laurie REID & Sarah Caroline SEABROOK
3. Emma SEABROOK, b. 01 May 1834 See William Lee DAWSON & Emma SEABROOK
4. Henry William SEABROOK, b. 1836 See Henry William SEABROOK & Maria MORTON
5. Louisa SEABROOK, b. 1840
6. Emily SEABROOK, b. 1842 See Alfred John MORTON & Emily SEABROOK
7. Charles Thomas SEABROOK, b. 1844
8. William John SEABROOK, b. 1846
9. Daniel Edward SEABROOK, b. 1848 See Daniel Edward SEABROOK & Martha WARBURTON
10. Hilda SEABROOK, b. 1849
11. Robert Arthur SEABROOK, b. 1850

Notes for Henry William SEABROOK:

Henry William Seabrook and his wife Sarah White, daughter Sarah Caroline, Sarah White's brother Thomas White and Sarah Coaton plus 2 White children arrive in Australia aboard the Thomas Laurie on the 12th November 1832.

Henry William Seabrook and Thomas White were both aprentices to Sir William Cubbit of London.

Henry William Seabrook was elected Alderman of Hobart, Australia on the 14th May 1856

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