George Henry SEABROOK, son of George Smith SEABROOK and Margaret REID , was born 18 May 1858 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. He married Rebecca STEWART 22 September 1878 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. He died 1936 in Balmain, NSW, Australia. Rebecca STEWART, daughter of William STEWART and Elizabeth UNKNOWN , was born 1858 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. She died 1948 in Marrickville, NSW, Australia.

Children of George Henry SEABROOK and Rebecca STEWART are:
1. Louisa Margaret SEABROOK, b. 20 August 1879 See Thomas LAUGHTON & Louisa Margaret SEABROOK
2. Charles Henry SEABROOK, b. 28 April 1881
3. Archibald Leslie SEABROOK, b. 10 March 1883 See Archibald Leslie SEABROOK & Martha Dale Gray MCLINTOCK
4. Alfred William George SEABROOK, b. 29 March 1885 See Alfred William George SEABROOK & Grace PARSONS
5. Ernest Churchill SEABROOK, b. 02 February 1887 See Ernest Churchill SEABROOK & Augusta Mary Isabella CAMPBELL
6. Edith Emily SEABROOK, b. 16 March 1889
7. George Clarence SEABROOK, b. 30 November 1890 See George Clarence SEABROOK & Clara Emile NEILSEN
8. Alice Emily SEABROOK, b. 06 December 1893
9. Florence Rima SEABROOK, b. 03 October 1896 See Percy James TEGAN & Florence Rima SEABROOK
10. Reginald Harry SEABROOK, b. 16 March 1898 See Reginald Harry SEABROOK & Harriet Georgina DAY

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