Nicholas LAUGHTON, son of Nicholas LAUGHTON and Alicia PHELAN , was born abt. 1798 in Dublin, Ireland. He married Lydia MORAN 16 November 1819 in Dublin, Ireland. He died 1880 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Lydia MORAN was born abt. 1800 in Dublin, Ireland. She died 1844.

Children of Nicholas LAUGHTON and Lydia MORAN are:
1. Thomas LAUGHTON, b. 1838 See Thomas LAUGHTON & Mary Anne PEARCE
2. John LAUGHTON, b. 1820
3. Ginger LAUGHTON, b. 08 May 1822
4. Nicholas John LAUGHTON, b. 31 July 1824
5. Mary Frances LAUGHTON, b. 19 January 1825 See James DAVIS & Mary Frances LAUGHTON
6. Nicholas Brifoteaux LAUGHTON, b. 1829 See Nicholas Brifoteaux LAUGHTON & Maria (Walkden) LENNON OR Nicholas Brifoteaux LAUGHTON & Amelia Elizabeth JENNINGS
7. Elizabeth LAUGHTON, b. 1830
8. George LAUGHTON, b. 1833
9. Paul LAUGHTON, b. 03 November 1835 See Paul LAUGHTON & Sarah Ann HOOKER
10. Felix LAUGHTON, b. 16 December 1841 See Felix LAUGHTON & Jane LAUGHTON

Other Marriages/Unions for Nicholas LAUGHTON:
See Nicholas LAUGHTON & Elizabeth DANDEY

Notes for Nicholas LAUGHTON:

In 1852-53 when he was about 54 years old, Nicholas migrated to Australia with some of his family, including: his daughter Eliza (16yrs) and his son Felix (12yrs).

Notes for Lydia MORAN:

Notes for John LAUGHTON:

Notes for Ginger LAUGHTON:

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Notes for Elizabeth LAUGHTON:

Died as a result of a accident at the Princes Bridge, Melbourne, Victoria. Elizabeth was crushed by a bull whilst the ship was unloading.

Notes for George LAUGHTON: