Thomas LAUGHTON, son of Thomas LAUGHTON and Mary Anne PEARCE , was born 1866 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He married Louisa Margaret SEABROOK 07 January 1901 in Tasmania, Australia. He died 1940 in Balmain, NSW, Australia. Louisa Margaret SEABROOK, daughter of George Henry SEABROOK and Rebecca STEWART , was born 20 August 1879 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. She died 1963 in Burwood, NSW, Australia.

Children of Thomas LAUGHTON and Louisa Margaret SEABROOK are:
1. Ernest Stewart LAUGHTON, b. 1910 See Ernest Stewart LAUGHTON & Myra Lillian MADDEN
2. Thomas Clarence LAUGHTON, b. 1903
3. Archibald Henry LAUGHTON, b. 1906 See Archibald Henry LAUGHTON & Catherine Mary HARDING
4. Charles Reginald LAUGHTON, b. 1908
5. Mary Edith LAUGHTON, b. 1912
6. Florence Pearl LAUGHTON, b. 12 April 1915
7. Mavis Rebecca LAUGHTON, b. 23 September 1918
8. Arnold LAUGHTON, b. 1924

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