This page is dedicated to providing as much information about my side of the Laughton family tree. The complete Laughton tree can be found here

Generation 1

George Laughton (1) born c1735 married Susanna Rooney 4th June 1766 in St Andrews, Dublin, Ireland. Susanna Rooney born c1745

Children of George Laughton (1) and Susanna Rooney

Nicholas Laughton (2) b: c1770, Ireland

Richard Laughton b: c17??, Ireland


George Laughton’s occupation on the 25th April 1765 was a Tailor.

Generation 2

Marriage 1: Nicholas Laughton (2) married Alicia Phelan c1788. Alicia Phelan was born c1778 in Dublin, Irleand

Children of Nicholas Laughton (2) and Alicia Phelan

Nicholas Laughton (3) b: c1798 in Dublin Ireland. Died: 1880

Marriage 2: Nicholas Laughton (2) married Francis Reid c1790. Frances Reid b: c1772.

Children of Nicholas Laughton (2) and Frances Reid

Margaret Laughton b: c1795, Ireland

Brifoteaux Laughton b: c1801


Half-brothers Nicholas and Brifoteaux Laughton were involved in the craft of iron founding.

Generation 3

Nicholas Laughton (3) married Lydia Moran 16th November 1819 in Dublin, Ireland. Lydia passed away 1844.

Children of Nicholas Laughton (3) and Lydia Moran

John Laughton b: 1820 Dublin, Ireland

Ginger Laughton b: 8th May 1822 Dublin, Ireland

Nicholas Laughton b: 31st July 1824 Dublin, Ireland

Mary Laughton b: 19th January1825 Bolton, Lancashire, UK

Nicholas Laughton b: 1827 Dublin, Ireland

Elizabeth Laughton b: 1830 Dublin, Ireland

George Laughton b: 1833 Dublin, Ireland

Paul Laughton b 1835 Dublin, Ireland

Thomas Laughton (4) b: 1838 Dublin, Ireland. Died: 1915, Mosman, NSW

Felix Laughton b 16th December 1841 Dublin, Ireland


In 1852-53 when he was about 54 years old, Nicholas migrated to Australia with some of his family, including: his daughter Eliza (16yrs) and his son Felix (12yrs).

In 1858, two more of his children migrated to Australia with their families: his daughter Mary Frances (32yrs), with her husband James DAVIS and their children plus his son Paul (20yrs). At some other time, two more of his children migrated: his son Nicholas and his son Thomas.

In 1860 Nicholas’ half-brother Brifoteaux migrated to Australia with his wife and family. Half-brothers Nicholas and Brifoteaux Laughton, and many of their children, were involved in the craft of iron founding. Paul and his eldest son Nicholas founded “Laughtons Pty Ltd” (Iron Founders) of Footscray in 1888.

Generation 4

Thomas Laughton (4) married Mary Anne Pearce 7th August 1868 in Melbourne. Mary Anne Pearce b: 1845, Tasmania. Died: 1920, Mosman NSW.

Children of Thomas Laughton (4) and Mary Anne Pearce

Alice Laughton b: 1865, Melbourne d: 1865

Thomas Laughton (5) b:1866, Melbourne. d:1940, NSW

Charles Laughton b: 1868, Melbourne d: 1868

Mary Lydia Laughton b: 1876, Melbourne

Violet Laughton b: 1880, Melbourne d: 1880


Thomas Laughton (4) opened the first hotel in the Lakes Entrance area. He then sold the hotel and started another one at Kalimna. After the sale of the Kalimna Hotel, Thomas Laughton (4) and Mary Anne moved to Mosman NSW. The 1916 Electoral Roll list Mary Anne’s addess as Kalimna, Kareela Road, Mosman.

Mary Lydia married Arnold Hegarty. Their son Thomas Hegarty was a wartime survivor of the Centaur, a hospital ship sunk by the Japanese during WW2.

Generation 5

Thomas Laughton (5) married Louisa Margaret Seabrook in Tasmania 1901. Louisa Seabrook b: 1879 in Tasmania. d: 1963, Burwood, NSW.

Children of Thomas Laughton (5) and Margaret Seabrook

Thomas Clarence Laughton b: 1903, Tasmania

Archibald Henry Laughton b: 1906, Queensland

Charles Reginald Laughton b: 1908, Queensalnd

Ernest Stewart Laughton (6) b: 1910, Queensland. d: 1984

Mary Edith Laughton b: 1912, Queensland

Florence Pearl Laughton b : 1915, Queensland

Mavis Rebecca Laughton b: 1918, Queensland d:1922

Ronald Laughton b: 1920, Queensland

Arnold Laughton b: 1924, Queensland


The 1913 Queensland Voting list has Thomas and Louisa’s address as Dee Track, which was a mining area in Queensland. Thomas was a foreman.

The 1936 Voting list we find Thomas and Louisa have moved to 54 Roundtree Street Balmain, NSW. Thomas is a miner and Louisa is listed as homeduties.It also has Ernest Stewart (6) as a labourer and Florence Pearl as a shop assistant.

Generation 6

Ernest Stewart Laughton (6) married Myra

Children of Ernest Stewart and Myra

Lynne Laughton

Jack Laughton

Thomas Laughton (7) b: 1941, Paddington, NSW d: 1990, Gladesville, NSW.

Generation 7

Thomas Laughton (7) married Judith Ann Williams 196?. Judith Ann Williams b: 1940, Melbourne d: 1989, Gladesville, NSW

Children of Thomas Laughton (7) and Judith Ann Williams

Steven Laughton b: 1966, Ryde, NSW

Kerri Laughton b: 1970, Ryde, NSW